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We are delighted to confirm that Celtic Financial now have a permanent base in Canary Wharf, London. Cleona Lira joins us as a female chartered financial adviser, specialising in ethical investments heads up our presence in the capital city London.

Cleona Lira

Chartered Financial Planner in Canary Wharf

As a financial adviser, Cleona is here to help you answer your financial questions in jargon-free language so that you can make an educated, informed decision about your financial goals. Most clients’ financial goals include building a plan to have enough money to enable the lifestyle they need.

Cleona has a simple goal; help clients articulate and achieve their goals. After this, she helps build great financial plans. With effective investment strategies, money can serve life- based on the life you want and what is most important to you. These priorities often include values like freedom, financial integrity, contribution and security.

For those that want it, Cleona offers resources around shifting limiting beliefs and identities around money. Most of us have irrational beliefs around money and have acquired unhelpful conditioning – her ‘Conscious Money’ work (newsletter and workshops) is focused on shifting these to enable greater inner freedom, clarity, and choice.

Cleona’s clients include working professionals that want to delegate their investment management, retired and semi-retired individuals who want to enjoy financial freedom living with passive investment income or who want help with pension drawdown. A generous percentage of her client base tends to be women who enjoy working with a woman financial adviser.

Since Cleona specialises in ethical investing (or sustainable investing or whatever label you want to use), most clients’ primary motivation is to build an investment portfolio in line with their core values; this is offered to all clients who choose freely how they wish to invest – Cleona can offer both conventional and sustainable investment choices. However, most people now choose to invest sustainably; this also seems to be more financially rewarding.

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