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We are delighted to confirm that Celtic Financial now have a permanent base in Canary Wharf, London.

Chartered Financial Planner in Canary Wharf

We’re pleased to introduce you to Robert Lewis, your dedicated financial advisor in Canary Wharf. Robert is passionate about demystifying the world of finance, translating complex concepts into simple, understandable language. This empowers you to make informed, educated decisions that align with your financial objectives. Many of our clients seek strategies to accrue the necessary resources to facilitate the lifestyle they desire, and Robert is here to make that happen.

Robert’s primary objective is to help clients define and achieve their financial goals. He is committed to crafting robust financial plans that incorporate effective investment strategies, all centred around the life you envision and what matters most to you. Among our clients’ top priorities are typically values such as freedom, financial integrity, contribution, and security.

Robert serves a diverse range of clients, from busy professionals seeking investment management support, to semi-retired or retired individuals aiming to enjoy financial freedom through passive investment income or pension drawdown assistance. A substantial portion of our clientele are women who value working with a compassionate, understanding financial adviser.

Robert, specialises in ethical and sustainable investing. Most clients come to us wanting an investment portfolio that aligns with their core values. While conventional investment options are available, we’re finding that a growing number of individuals prefer sustainable investments. Not only do these choices echo their personal beliefs, but they also appear to yield impressive financial returns.

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