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Celtic Financial Planning Ltd are an award winning business, winning ‘New Business of the Year 2019’ at the North Wales Young Business Awards held at Bangor University. Celtic Financial are not tied to any insurance company, bank or other financial institution – meaning we are truly independent and unbiased. We work for you, our clients, putting your objectives at the heart of what we do.

Modern | Dynamic | Honest

We consider all the viable options across the whole of the marketplace to find the best solution for you. Many clients who come to us have existing plans and policies that are not fully understood. We look into these plans, explain how they work and recommend changes where necessary.

We are proud to have a culture where the fair treatment of our clients is at the core of everything we do, essentially we treat every client like mum and dad, even if that means we tell you we can’t help or it would be more cost effective for you to do it something yourself, should you desire. That culture extends to every member of the team and that everyone is accountable for their conduct, taking due care and diligence in all their actions.

Our experienced team have been working together for many years helping clients across North Wales and beyond, delivering an unparalleled tailored service to meet your needs. We offer all new clients a free initial meeting, which allows us to introduce ourselves and our services.

Our mission

Our reputation is built on the following:

  • To always put our clients first
  • To ensure we use plain English and ensure recommendations are always fully understood
  • Promise to always give our best advice, even if that means doing nothing
  • Continue to provide the ongoing service you expect
  • Continue to invest in our staff and systems
  • Continue to deliver our corporate social responsibility mandate
  • Always be accountable

Award Winning

Award Winning Financial Advisers
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