Going Carbon Negative

We believe in sustainability and accountability, that’s why from the 21/22 tax year, we will be publishing our estimated CO2 footprint on our Companies House Accounts. This will show our current footprint minus our offset schemes to show publicly our impact.

Every year we plant many trees which helps to promote the environment by creating new habitats for wildlife whilst capturing carbon, a fully grown tree can help to absorb around 21kg of carbon a year (according to https://www.viessmann.co.uk/heating-advice/how-much-co2-does-tree-absorb). We also recycle a lot of our waste, which has a positive C02 saving.
Our goal over the course of this year and moving into 2023 is to become a carbon negative firm of Independent Financial Advisers. The last part of this plan to get us to this status will be the introduction of solar panels at our head office in Mold, along with electric charging points for visitors in our car park. We are looking forward to sharing more of our carbon negative journey as we move forwards.

We’ve also been sharing this journey with other local businesses, organisations and local authorities to share best practice and encourage others to adopt a similar green approach to business. If you’d like to know more, just get in touch.